Mary Admasian — multidisciplinary artist

Boundaries, Balance and Confinement

Selected works from the “Boundaries, Balance and Confinement series will be on view in the East Gallery at The Brattleboro Museum (BMAC)) – from June 20 – October 7, 2017.

Exploiting the constraining property of barbed wire as a unifying metaphor in each piece, Admasian repurposes other materials like fencing, willow switches, logs, butterflies, rooster feathers, and other found objects collected from flea markets and the rural Vermont landscape to create sculptures, public installations and assemblages that address how societal and psychological restraints both contain and free us.

Admasian’s work explores how raw forms can embody the human challenges surrounding gender, social norms, and the tension between our daily and inner lives. As she states, “I have always wanted to create a body of work with barbed wire, a forbidding object that can trigger instinctual and personal associations in everyone. By transforming common materials into unusual configurations, I want my work to create a narrative that provokes insight, thought, and social action in the viewer."

Summer 2017: Review in SoVermont Arts & Living magazine – “Wired for Change”

July – August 2015: Review in Art New England magazine – Contemporary Art and Culture, page: 73

April 15, 2015 Review in Seven Days:

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ForNavigating the elements between nature and society

“The Last Flight” Materials: Charaxes and Narcara butterflies, barbed wire, netting, floral wire and white spray paint, Size:32"Wx24"L, 2015

“The Plank” Materials: 350 pieces of barbed wire, barn board, milk paint, and acrylic paint, Size: 8"Wx54"L, 2014

“The Nest” Materials: Barbed wire, goose egg, Vermont birch log and stove trivet Size: 21"Wx47"H, 2015

“Go Cut Yourself a Switch” Materials: Willow switches, barbed wire on wooden panel, 96"Wx60''H, 2014

“The Hive” (exterior shot) 48"long x 30"roundMaterials: barbed wire, and paint, rusted steel chain, 2016

“The Hive” (Interior shot) 48"long x 30" round, Materials: barbed wire, and paint, rusted steel chain, 2016

“Lessons That You Won’t Forget” Materials: Fencing, barbed wire, willow switches, gold leaf, gold wire, 19"Wx47"L, 2015

Dowsing for Center, Materials: Maple branch, barbed wire, rusted metal ring, white paint, 85"Lx64"W, 2015

“Progression” Materials: Barn plank and barbed wire, Size: 10.50"Wx64"L, 2015

Installation title: A path to the henhouse, rooster feathers, barbed wire, chicken wire, spray paint, size: 14ft long x 3ft high x 1 ft high, 2015

Dance of the Inchworm, 34 x 60", silver wire, gold painted barbed wire and a willow branch, 2016

But Why? – Dedicated to those who has been victims of childhood sexual abuse
Materials: Rusted Box-spring, barbed wire and assorted mixed media and found objects, 88"Wx51"H, 2015

“Seasons” Materials: Barbed wire on canvas, acrylic, spray paint, dirt, and mica flakes, (All four pieces hung as seen) 30"Wx28"H, 2015

“Marked” Materials: Maple log, barbed wire, and paint, 27"Hx8"W, 2015

“Black AND White” – When will the aggression end? Materials: Barbed wire, acrylic, and spray paint on canvas, 41"Hx30"W, 2015

“Captured Wings” Materials: Maple branches, barbed wire, feathers, and acrylic paint, 72"Hx54"W, 2014

“A visit to the henhouse” Materials: Chicken wire, barbed wire, Kosher King rooster feathers and wire, Size: 39"Wx28"L, 2015

"Lost innocence” Materials: Barbed wire, Charaxes butterfly, barbed wire, netting, and thread, Size: 9"WX18"L, 2015

“Objects in My Rear View Mirror” Materials: Willow branch, barbed wire, rock, wire, and mirror, 60"Hx48"W, 2014

Muscle Memory, Materials: Maple tree, barbed wire, chainsaw chain, 79"Hx8"x12"W, 2015

“Thin Blue Line” Materials: Fence post, paint, and barbed wire, 67"Hx20"W, 2014

“The Well” Materials: Barbed wire on canvas, acrylic, and spray paint, Size: 40"W x 30"L, 2015

“Five Wishes” Materials: Maple branches, barbed wire, chicken wishbones, wire, and white acrylic paint, 61"Hx53"W, 2015

“Precious” Materials: Barbed wire, gold wire, rooster feathers, acrylic paint on canvas Size: 6"x6", 2015

The TrilogyL
Third Eye Blind
Materials: white paint, barbed wire, silk, 2014

Love Thyself
Materials: Vintage wooded mirror, white wash, silk covered barbed wire, 2014

Materials: barbed wire, silk, gold wire and a white Hispanic wedding vale, 2014

Third Eye Blind, Materials: white paint, barbed wire, vintage silk, 19"Hx25"L, 2014

Love Thyself, Materials: Vintage wooded mirror, white wash, silk covered barbed wire,19"Hx23"L, 2014

Blessed, Materials: barbed wire, silk, gold wire and a white Hispanic wedding vale, 38"Hx28"W, 2014

Captured here: “Good Luck, Honey,” (interior shot) “The Nest,” and “The Plank,” 2015

“Good Luck, Honey – Once you get in the cage, there is no getting out” (exterior)Materials: Fencing, barbed wire, and horseshoe, 44"Hx29"x 29"W, 2014

Vermont Supreme Court Gallery shot. April, 2015

The Nature of Things, wasp nest and black painted barbed wire,

Too Soon to Sail, 10x5x3.50", birds nest, gold and blue thread, rusted metal, barbed wire, bark, 2016

Nature Over Nurture, 5.5"x7"x12", rock, hornets' nest, and barbed wire, , 2014