Mary Admasian — multidisciplinary artist

Small Assemblages and Sculptures 2015 - Present

Mary Admasian creates her assemblages and small sculptures with found objects and materials from the natural environment. Her use of rusted metals, thread, and barbed wire constructs a unique relationship between materials and the narrative that she skillfully designs.

“With an uncanny eye for composition and a spirit attuned to place, person, and community, multimedia artist Mary Admasian explores the physical boundaries between objects as well as the implicit boundaries of familial and social covenants and conventions.

Barbed wire often marks the border between the natural world and cultivated land. Tellingly, Admasian uses rusty, scavenged wire as a unifying material in this body of work. She fashions sculptures and wall-reliefs from materials she gleans in the Vermont woodlands and finds in more domesticated settings. Combining gnarly barbed wire with delicate feathers, butterflies, and branches, she deftly balances the natural and the manufactured. This contrast evokes both physical and metaphorical associations”. — Mara Williams, Chief Curator for the Brattleboro Museum & Arts Center

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ForThese works complement the Boundaries, Balance and Confinement Series

Ownership #2, 13 x 21.50 x 8", assorted hardwoods, acrylic paint, glass beads,2017

Marked Together, 6 x 6.50 x 1", beach wood, acrylic paint, rabbit wire, 2017

*The Connector, 11x11.50x1.50'', walnut, rabbit wire, silver wire and black paint, 2016

Sacrifice, 12.50x 5 x 5" , beach wood, barbed wire, acrylic paint, glass beads, 2017

Too Soon to Sail, 10x5x3.50", birds nest, gold and blue thread, rusted metal, barbed wire, bark, 2016

Triangulation, 7x11x3'', beach wood, rabbit wire, black paint, gold wire, 2016

The Nature of Things, wasp nest and black painted barbed wire, 2016

  • Not in My Backyard, 10.50 x 4 x 3"inches, butternut and birch wood, black painted rabbit wire, acrylic and glass bead gel, 2016

Ownership, 13x10.50", maple and beach wood, rabbit wire, gold wire and black paint 2016

Nature Over Nurture, 5.5"x7"x12", rock, hornets' nest, and barbed wire, , 2014