Mary Admasian — multidisciplinary artist

Exploring Water at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center

Exploring Water
The exhibition is created by Kelly Holt, Spruce Peak Arts Curator, and features the work of artists: Mary Admasian, Kate Burnim, Renée Greenlee and Erika Senft Miller.
On view at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center: June – August 31, 2019
Opening reception: Friday, July 26, 2019 • 5:00 – 6:30pm • A Stowe Arts Week 2019
Event Free and Open to the Public

Water is never truly idle. It is life giving to all beings – essential in its purest form. It connects us
as a planet in our global community and is inside of every human body – regardless of ethnicity,
gender, race or religion. Water invigorates, yet soothes.The vastness of water welcomes and
anoints, propels, generates power, and is increasingly precious as we respond to climate
change. Water moves us forward as we paddle past each other without a glance. Immerse
yourself and experience water through all senses. While water is a medium of consciousness,
like AIR it also transcends culture.

Artists in this exhibition are responding to many aspects of water – from its physical forms to its important role in the ecosystem to its personal effect on our everyday lives and stories and well-being.

Exploring Water event photo by Kelly Holt

Titled: Into the Abyss, 2018, mixed media on birch panel, 20x20"

Titled: Undertow, 2019, mixed media on birch panel, diptych, 20x41"

Titled: Peering Through Plastic, 2019, mixed media on birch panel, 62x20''