Mary Admasian — multidisciplinary artist and consultant for creatives

Public Art "Weighted Tears"

Titled “Weighted Tears” was on exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC) until April 16, 2018.
Mary Admasian’s sculpture, a site specific artwork titled “WEIGHTED TEARS” and "'BOUNDARIES, BALANCE AND CONFINEMENT" assemblages and small sculptures were featured in the East Gallery.

Presented here is a detail of sculpture from Mary Admasian’s “Boundaries, Balance, and Confinement” series

BRATTLEBORO, VT — The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC) This work was created specifically for BMAC by Vermont artist Mary Admasian, the sculpture titled “Weighted Tears” consists of five teardrop-shaped objects suspended from the eaves of the museum. Each object is made of aluminum rods, wire, and barbed wire, and is stabilized by a spherical weight. The smallest object has a light that will be kept illuminated 24 hours a day as a symbol of hope during difficult times. The sculpture will remain on view through April 16, 2018.

“Weighted Tears” is part of a larger series of work by Admasian entitled “Boundaries, Balance, and Confinement: Navigating the Elements of Nature and Society," selections from which will be exhibited in BMAC’s East Gallery June 23 – October 8. Exploiting the constraining property of barbed wire as a unifying metaphor in each piece, Admasian repurposes other materials like fencing, willow switches, logs, butterflies, rooster feathers, and other found objects collected from flea markets and the rural Vermont landscape to create sculptures and assemblages that address how societal and psychological restraints both contain and free us.

Admasian’s work explores how raw forms can embody the human challenges surrounding gender, social norms, and the tension between our daily and inner lives. As she states, “I have always wanted to create a body of work with barbed wire, a forbidding object that can trigger instinctual and personal associations in everyone. By transforming common materials into unusual configurations, I want my work to create a narrative that provokes insight, thought, and social action in the viewer.”

“Encompassing found objects and elements of the Vermont vernacular, Mary Admasian’s work is elegant, contemporary, and provocative, all at the same time," said BMAC Chief Curator Mara Williams.

Mary Admasian’s “Weighted Tears” is supported in part by a grant from the Arts Endowment Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation.

ForCreated for the Brattleboro Museum. The sculpture will be on exhibit from May 5, 2017 – April 16, 2018

Simulation (night view) titled: “Weighted Tears” 2017 work in construction to be presented at the Brattleboro Museum May, 2017

Simulation (day view) titled “Weighted Tears” 2017 work in construction to be presented at the Brattleboro Museum May, 2017

“Weighted Tears” 2018 The Brattleboro Museum (BMAC)